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PS3 Super Slim 4.82 Jailbreak Full Guide - PS3 Xploit V3.0

ps3 super slim 4.82

You can easily jailbreak your PS3 Super Slim 4.82 via USB. This is a PS3Xploit v3.0 and it only supports 4.81 and 4.82 firmware. To jailbreak your console first of all check your PS3 model number and make sure your PS3 console is compatible for jailbreaking. It should be a HAN installer. If your gaming console is compatible then you are ready to jailbreak your 4.82 PlayStation 3 console. This jailbreak process can fault your console, please read the article carefully.


  • PC
  • USB Pem drive
  • Good Internet Connection
  • Compatible PS3 Gaming Console

PS3Xploit V3.0 Benefits:-

  • HAN style packages are allowed
  • Cinavia protection removed from hard drive content
  • Official Firmware Package Manager
  • Debug pkg file support added
  • You can play PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, and PSP games of PS3
  • The reactPSN alternative solution for Official Firmware users
  • Enable many modes
  • Resigned ACT.DAT  and RIF allowed
  • Enable many modes
  • Resigned ACT.DAT  and RIF allowed

Files Need to Download:-

4.82 HAN Support Files
4.82 HAN Release Files

Jailbreak via USB Drive Method

  1. The download jailbreak files
  2. Extract Rar file on your computer using  7 zip
  3. Connect the internet on your gaming console
  4. Copy HAN supported file 
  5. paste file in your USB drive (use fat32 format USB)
  6. Copy PS3 HAN Release file 
  7. Paste it on MiniWeb>htdocs folder
  8. Run MiniWeb as an administrator
  9. Login PlayStation Network account (Use PS3Proxy Server to login PSN account on 4.82 Firmware)
  10. Go to PlayStation Netwrok>Account Management>PS3 System>Game and activate the system
  11. Plug your USB on the PS3 console in the second USB port
  12. Open an internet browser and clear all cache, cookies, and authentications
  13. Now Set MiniWeb IP address as Homepage
  14. Select the HAN installer to install HAN on your PlayStation 3
  15. Click on initialization HAN
  16. After the successful message click on Launch HAN
  17. Your gaming console will automatically restart
  18. Open the internet browser on PS3 and select HAN enabler
  19. Click on HAN initialization
  20. Once you got the successful message, Enable HAN

More Information

After completing all steps you can see the pkg manager folder on your gaming tab. You can see pkg manager it means your PS3 is jailbroken. If you are unable to see the pkg manager folder on your gaming tab. Does mean you can not jailbreak your console. Follow all the steps again this process never harms your console. But one more thing, this article only guides you to jailbreak your PS3 super slim. If you wanna install games on your console. Then read the article How to install PS3 game on PS3 super slim 4.82.

Summary:- This article is a complete guide to jailbreak PS3 Super Slim 4.82. We hope your console is jailbreak now. If you are facing any problem during the jailbreaking process then do not worry. Just leave a comment, we will reply as soon as possible. You also can contact us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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