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PS3 jailbreak 4.82 Frimware - PS3 (CFW) Easy Jailbreak

ps3 jailbreak 4.82

If you searching for the PS3 jailbreak 4.82 then this is the right article. Many people are searching for a virus-free PlayStation 3 jailbreak file. This process requires a jailbroken console. If you do not have a jailbroken console the read this click here. Now I am showing you how to jailbreak PlayStation 3 4.82 firmware. believe me, it's very easy. Read the full article and follow all steps carefully. Just remember one thing you can only jailbreak PS3 FAT and PS3 Slim models with this method.

This process is one hundred percent legal so don't worry about console security. You keep your system warranty after jailbreak. This jailbreak has many benefits such as after jailbreak, you also can use game cheats without opening console. Before jailbreaking, check your console model number in the given table before proceeding. You can face any error during the Custom Firmware installation because of the PS3 console model. Users can only jailbreak their PS3 consoles to the 25XX model.

PS3 Jailbreak 4.82 benefits

  • It's 100% legal not any console security issues
  • Also supportive with package files
  • Fix all bugs
  • It includes Multi-man backup manager
  • The installation process is very easy, you can install it without any problem
  • Improve consoles speed and performance
  • Download and installation in one click
  • Games are working fine with the optical drive
  • Install apps via USB Drive
  • PSN have PlayStation Network access after Jailbreak
  • Work on all models includes new super slim
  • Install games by USB Drive
  • Enjoy multiplayer games after jailbreak
  • No need to open the console for any modification

Note:- This process is only working on PS3 4.82 Firmware, Don't use it for PS3 4.83 Firmware. It bricks your PS3 4.83 console. That's why I say read the article carefully. The PS3 4.83 Jailbreak is not available right now in the market. Just wait for it, once it will release, we will create an article on 4.83.

All Steps for Jailbreak PS3 4.82

  1. Download Jailbreak Require file (Click here to download)
  2. Extract file anywhere on your pc using 7-zip
  3. Plugin your USB to your computer (use fat32 format USB)
  4. Create a new folder inside your USB
  5. Rename the folder to "PS3"
  6. Create another folder inside the PS3 folder 
  7. Rename the folder to "Update"
  8. Copy jailbreak file and paste it in the Update folder 
  9. Rename jailbreak file to "PS3UPDAT.PUP"
  10. Plug your USB into your PS3 (second usb port)
  11. Go to the navigation menu and click on system update
  12. Choose Update via mass storage option (don't update via internet)
  13. Update data was found: 4.82.3 REBUG RE
  14. Accept the terms & conditions
  15. Press the ok button and wait until installation complete
  16. Once install complete, restart the console
  17. Now you have Jailbroken PS3
Summary:- This is a complete guide on how to jailbreak PS3 4.82. Our team hopes you are able to jailbreak your console without facing any problem. If you are facing any error during the jailbreaking process then don't worry. Just leave a comment, we will reply soon. You also can contact us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

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