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PS4 Jailbreak Firmware 5.05 - PlayStation 4 v5.05 Update

PS4 Jailbreak Firmware 5.05
Many people Looking for PS4 Jailbreak 5.05. In this article, I will show you how to jailbreak PS4 5.05 steps by step. Here is a Webkit Exploit available and it is released by Xvortex. By enabling HEN. After jailbreaking, you can enjoy all the hidden features of the PS4 console without any problem. PS4 Jailbreak 5.05 is a very easy process. If you carefully follow all the jailbreak process steps then you can jailbreak your console. But if you skip any step, the Result can be critical.

PS4 Jailbreaking process is a similar PS3 jailbreak process. You need a USB stick and a stable internet connection to jailbreak your console. Just one little mistake can make your PS4 console defective. Make sure you read the full article very carefully and understand everything about PlayStation 4 Jailbreak before the jailbreaking process. And one more thing, there is no Custom Firmware available for PS4 console in the whole world. This is a WebKit exploit and that’s why you need a good internet connection.

This jailbreak has many new features according to previous jailbreaks. In this version, users can access ultimate features like you can dump PS4 game disk and also access PS4 HDD on your computer or laptop. You can transfer saves data via USB. Before jailbreaking check one thing, make sure your console version on version 5.05 or older. If your PS4 version is above then 5.05 then you no need to update it then first update Update via storage media. If you try on the latest or older PS4 version then maybe your console brick.

Requirements for Jailbreak PS4 5.02:-

  • PlayStation 4 Gaming Console
  • USB 4GB or 8GB Stick (Make sure it's on FAT32 bit format)
  • Stable Internet connection(Minumum 1MBPS Speed)

All benefits of PS4 Jailbreak 5.05:-

  • Fix all bugs
  • Better look
  • No brick
  • USe Dump Disk
  • FTP Server Unlock
  • HEN
  • MERA + HEN
  • VR/NO-VR Games unlocked
  • Transfer save games and database
  • Fast PKG installer

Disable auto-updates option form your console

Most of the people make this mistake and lost their opportunity to jailbreak their console. PlayStation 4 gaming console has a feature to auto-updates console software. To complete the jailbreak process successfully you need the internet. To disable auto-updates you need to go to setting>system Setting>System>Automatic Download and turn off System Software update file & Application update files.

Check your firmware version

Before start, the jailbreaking process checks your console model is compatible or not. It is a WebKit exploit 5.05 process and it accepts all console models. It accepts PS4 fat, Slim. It also accepts PS4 Pro but it requires a firmware version. To check firmware version go to settings then System>System Information. If your firmware is 5.05, you no need to follow the USB process. But if users are below 5.05 then users need to update your firmware via USB drive.

Update Offline Firmware to 5.05(skip this step if you are already on 5.05)

  1. Download 5.05 Firmware files on your PC(click here to download files)
  2. Plug USB pen drive on PC (FAT32)
  3. Now create a new folder in your USB pen drive and give it name “PS4” in capital letters
  4. Create another folder inside the PS4 folder and give it name“UPDATE
  5. Extract downloaded RAR updated file
  6. Copy all files from your computer and paste it in USB in the UPDATE folder.
  7. Make sure the file name should be PS4UPDATE.PUP.
  8. Plug your USB pen drive on your gaming console
  9. Now go to Setting then got to System Software update.
  10. Follow the all installation introduction

PS4 jailbreak 5.05 Process

  1. Setup an internet connection (Leave everything default)
  2. Put manually DNS address 1 – 2 –
  3. Go to setting
  4. Open user guide
  5. You will see the firmware window
  6. Choose 5.05 option
  7. Enabler Browser
  8. Close users guide
  9. Open the internet browser
  10. Put primary DNS address in your web browser and choose Choose 5.05
  11. Now enable Mira+HEN to unlock locked content
  12. Go to setting and look for a debug setting
  13. That's it, your console has been jailbroken
Summary:- I hope guys this article is useful for you and you are enjoying your jailbreak console. If you are facing any problem and need our help then leave a comment. You also can contact us on Facebook and Instagram, and Twitter.

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